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duty_calls is a canon House M.D. RPG that will handle every episode as it comes and make it fit into our own canon; it's all about compromise, but just because we're "canon" doesn't mean that we're not fun also. duty_calls is about developing the characters and having fun!

We have a few rules that we, the mods, wish you would abide by--if you don't, suffer the consequences. We're lenient, though. Please read these before applying.

If you are interested in applying, please check the available characters list. If someone isn't mentioned there, and you want to apply, just send in the application. We'd love to see some nurses, LPNs, CNAs, unit secretaries!

If you apply and are accepted, please join and friend the community.

Our out of character journal is duty_calls_ooc and is for players only. Please, join and friend that community too. It will be used for plotting, notifications, and other out of character things.

If you do not want to play or are rejected, please keep watching the community! The mods can be reached by e-mail at duty.calls.mods @ gmail . com (with no spaces!)

Read all the posts in one place!!

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