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31 May 2006 @ 07:39 pm
Date: May 26, 2006
Location: Cameron's house.
Characters: Chase/Cameron
Completion: Complete

Cameron pressed her fists into her eyes, tears leaking out from underneath them steadily. Her mother-in-law had just called again and made her feel like shit.

The conversation went like this:


”Yes, Mrs. Martha”?

”I realize that you have graduated from medical school—I am most proud of you—but it seems like your visits to my son’s grave are getting less and less frequent.”


”Just as I suspected. Probably found you another man that had more problems than my son, didn’t you?”

That’s when the crying started, because everyone thought she was so shallow, so needy, so desperate that she had to turn to someone that was so utterly messed up that she couldn’t repair them.

She hung up and leaned against the wall, so sad, so upset, so utterly needy that she couldn’t see straight. There was only one person that could fix this, that could make her feel better. She only hoped he wasn’t busy with his life that didn’t revolve around work.

She blindly pressed numbers on the phone, hoping they were Chase’s cell phone. Tears blurred her vision.

“Chase? Chase, are you there?” she asked through a tight throat and a miserably scrunched up face.

Chase was washing the pans he’d used to cook dinner when he heard his cell phone ringing. He grabbed it off the counter, smiling when he noticed Cameron’s name on the caller id. As he put the phone to his ear, his breath caught in his throat—there was definitely something wrong.

“Hey,” he said softly, “what’s wrong?” As the words left his mouth his brain made the connection; the anniversary of her husband’s death. He opened the closet and found Teeter’s carrier, figuring that if she asked him to come over he wanted to be ready as soon as possible.

“Nothing is wrong,” she lied, voice crackling and pathetic. “Can you come over? Now? Bring a change of clothes, please? I just… can’t be alone tonight.”

“Yeah, of course. I’ll be there as soon as I can.” He couldn’t think of anything to say—he was focusing on grabbing his things. He usually kept an overnight bag in his car, but he needed to grab some fresh clothes and some food for Teeter. "Do you want me to pick anything up on the way over?"

Cameron released a ragged sigh into the phone and whimpered, “Just please… get here. I need you. You’re my only friend.”

“I’m on my way.” He said softly, grabbing his keys from the table by the door. Chase was initially shocked at her admission, after thinking for a moment he realized that she was his only friend in this city. His best friend from college lived in the suburbs of Los Angeles, and he’d fallen out of touch with just about everyone else.

He flicked off the lights of his apartment, locking the door behind him as he left. “I’ll be there in a few minutes.”

Cameron pressed her forehead to her arm, sobbing openly into her lap, letting Ivory and Furbz flock around her in worry. Why would someone say something so heartless? She expected it from House, but definitely not from her ex-mother-in-law.

The doorbell chimed and Ivory hissed, darting over to hide behind a plant and Furbz ran to it, sniffing the bottom and then doing a little hopping in anticipation when she discovered it was Chase.

“Chase,” she whispered, undoing all of the locks (a single, attractive girl could never be too careful). Her eyes were swollen and red and her face was pinched up, hair awry around her head. “My ex-mother-in-law called again and said—sa-said that I was just looking for another damaged man and that…” She hiccupped, dropping the phone with a cluttered as she collapsed onto the couch, sprawling out in her tiny pajama shorts and tank top. All of which were pearly white. “I… don’t know. She’s angry at me. I don’t know why.”

Where other men would panic at crying girls, Robert Chase grew up with them. He let Teeter out of his carrier and sat down next to her on the couch, letting her lean against him as she sobbed. “It’s ok.” He said soothingly. “She’s probably just missing her son. You haven’t done anything wrong.” He wrapped his arms around her and let her cry.

Cameron turned her head, burying her face in Chase’s warm and soft and ohsosafe neck, letting it all out. She rambled about how her mother-in-law tortured her heartlessly during her marriage, how she wanted all of that left in the past. Her arms snaked around him and she clutched at his shirt.

Chase held her, stroking her hair as she clung to him. It’d been a long time since he’d been this close in proximity to anyone. Actually, the last time was with Cameron, when…well, he wasn’t going to think about that right now. But it felt nice, just holding her. He watched the cats as they wrestled with each other in the kitchen and listened to Cameron talk about the past, glad that she knew he was there for her.

Cameron sighed, utterly exhausted. She hadn’t talked that much in a long time, but it did seem a lot like her mother-in-law was trying to guilt her.

She flopped back against the couch. “Thank you,” she whispered, a sad smile curving her mouth.

Chase’s whole body froze at the question. Bed. Bed like bed or bed like bed? And did it matter?

Yes, yes of course it did. She was upset. He was her friend. Friends didn’t take advantage of other friends. No matter how long it’d been since they last…went to bed.
He looked up at her, trying not to seem nervous. “I can sleep on the couch, if you want. I mean…I don’t mind. Whatever you’re comfortable with.”

Chase had learned that in the medical field, sometimes you had to examine beautiful women in an objective, professional manner. In med school, his professor had taught him a mantra to use when examining such women, to help control certain physical reactions.

I’m not aroused because she’s not attractive. I’m not aroused because she’s not attractive. I’m not aroused because she’s not attractive. It was only kind of working. The part of his brain that wasn’t chanting was thinking about the last time he’d been in this apartment and the absolutely amazing events that transpired. This was not a good thing.

He got up off the couch and followed her into the bedroom. …not aroused…not attractive…not aroused…not attractive… He took off his shirt and folded it, placing it in his bag. See? He thought, the more basic aspects of his mind finally agreeing with the more rational side, it’s not so bad…just Cameron. He grabbed his toothbrush and walked to the bathroom.

He was grateful she’d asked him while he was brushing his teeth, the activity buying him time to think. Every rational part of his brain said no. Touching her would be a bad idea. Holding her…there was no way he could do it without losing control. And then it’d be awkward for both of them. He spit into the sink and slipped his toothbrush back into its case, tossing it gently onto his bag in the corner. “Yeah.” He said softly. He couldn’t say no to her. He slid into the side of the bed opposite of Cameron and let his mind begin chanting again.

The second she touched him, his brain shut down. This was how the last time started, too. He’d tried to fight it and she’d wiped away any sort of reserve he had in one fell swoop. “Nothing.” He said quietly. He just hoped he’d be able to keep…ahem…himself under control until she went to sleep. He draped his arm around her waist and decided to stop worrying about it.

All sense of resistance melting away, Chase leaned down and kissed her, his hands sliding down her sides and coming to rest on her stomach just under the hem of her teddy. As they found their way to their first goal—her (absolutelyamazingohgodhe’dmissedthem) breasts, he was silently thankful that he could shut his brain off during sex, and let himself get lost in the feeling of her body beneath his; his mouth on her mouth.

Cameron wasn't surprised by this; if anything, she'd goaded it just a bit. She kneaded her lips back against Chase's all doubt and sadness and worry fleeting from her mind as she tightened her leg around him, arching her back so her breasts pressed encouragingly into his hands.

She slid her smooth palms up and down his toned arms, gripping and squeezing them. Her head dropped back against the pillow, face blissfully contorted in arousal and dark hair splayed around her head against the white pillows.

"Do you ever think about this?" she asked, covered his hands with hers and encouraging them to keep massaging.

His brain worked on a relay system with his senses, throwing short messages his way until he worked out what exactly she’d said. Think about this. Did he think about this? The first honest response would be that he tried no to. The second, he moaned softly while admitting aloud, “All the time.”

As he shifted his attention from her mouth to her neck, he reached down quickly and lifted the
teddy over her head, returning one of his hands to her right breast while the other slid underneath her, feeling the small of her back and beginning a gradual drift into lower territory.

Cameron groaned when Chase answered her honestly.

She reached for the waistband of his pajama pants and smoothed her hands over his taut stomach and let her fingers trail through the light patch of hair that disappeared into his pants. Blushing, she looked up at him from beneath her dark lashes. “Chase,” she whispered, slipping her hand inside to curl her fingers around his cock and gently trail her fingers over the hard shaft.

It was easy to forget how it felt to have someone else’s hand on your cock. The sensation hit him swiftly; he moaned and shut his eyes briefly as her fingers danced over him. He took her nipple in his mouth and sucked on it slowly, alternating between his tongue and his teeth as she arched into him.

Cameron pushed up against him, rubbing her panty-clad cunt against him, urging his pajama pants lower with her hands until he was able to kick out of them, then she wrapped her legs around his waist.

The noises he made encouraged her to tangle her fingers in his blond hair and cradle his head to her chest, rocking against him and breathing heavily against his ear as he rubbed against her made her whimper and shudder.

He switched breasts and began working her panties over her hips, softly pushing her legs down in an attempt to free them from the scrap of fabric. Licking, kissing, and biting his way down her flat stomach, he slid her panties down to her ankles and pushed them off; gently spreading her legs once they were gone. He licked the inside of her thigh teasingly and gently took her clit into his mouth, sucking it slowly and enjoying her reactions.

“Oh goooood,” moaned Cameron, spreading her legs and fisting her hands in the sheets around them. She arched her back, stomach caving and breasts still wet and erect from all the attention. “Robert!”

Cameron didn’t love her dead husband, how could she? She’d fallen in love—or so she thought—with his best friend. But no man, not even in college, had made her feeling like Chase did. He challenged her, comforted her, rushed over when she needed him, backed her up at work, and was so honest that sometimes she had to grind her teeth.

Not that she was going to say any of this out loud. Ever.

She didn’t even know what had gotten into her now, other than she’d been so happy, so thrilled that he’d rushed over when she’d been having a hard time. It touched her in ways that she wasn’t sure if she could ever admit to herself.

She hadn’t even touched herself in so long that she was on the cusp of coming now as he sucked and licked and kneaded her thighs. “I’m so close,” she panted, body breaking out in a thin sheen of sweat. “Make love to me.”

The back of his mind, which had been wonderfully silent since he’d started kissing her, sent up a red flag at the word love. But the back of his mind would have to wait.

He moved up her body again, kissing her passionately as his hands cupped her bottom. “Do you…ah…” he mumbled between kisses, “have…a…ah…” Fuck, what are they called? The word finally came to him “condom…” Part of him was fairly certain it didn’t matter, but the part of him that hyperventilated at the thought of children disagreed.

Love simply sounded better than fuck me stupid and hurry up because I’m about to come, so that’s what Cameron went with.

When he kissed her, she could taste herself on his lips and she hungrily pushed her tongue into his mouth, reaching over blindly to pull open the dresser drawer for Chase to dig around to find one in. Among… other toys that she used on herself.

When he’d gotten it out, she rolled him over, straddling his waist and putting her dainty hands on his chest to grind against him, looking down at him with a wild expression, hair awry around her shoulders. She took it from him, opened it, and smoothed it down his shaft.

He’d searched through the drawer, wondering what exactly it was that his hands were brushing past, and triumphantly presented her with the condom.

Chase wasn’t sure that he could be more aroused than he’d been before, but when she flipped him over and deftly put the condom on to him he was filled with an urgent need to be touching her—to be inside her. He put his hands on her hips to steady her as she lowered herself on to him, groaning as he slid into her hot, wet cunt.

Cameron ground against him, rotating her hips in a circular motion and flattening her hands to his chest to push back against him as she squeezed and flexed around him. Setting into a pace, she whispered breathless, face flushed and pink with her effort, “Look at me, open your eyes.”

He was lost in the sensation, so much so that he almost didn’t hear her request. Open your eyes. He almost didn’t want to, afraid that if he did he’d lose it at the sight of her. Keeping his concentration on maintaining their rhythm, he looked at Cameron, her eyes full of need and desire.

Cameron felt her body responding. She flattened her chest to his, still rutting against him madly, and breathed heavily into his neck, tightening her hands on his upper arms. Her body seized up and she made a series of quiet incoherent whimpering noises as her inner walls contracted around him while she came.

Watching her come, feeling her pulse around his cock, hearing the unimaginable noises that cam out of her as she gripped him tightly, pushed him over the edge. He shuttered, closing his eyes but tightening his hold on Cameron’s waist. He released his grip as she slid off of him and rested her head against his shoulder.

This was his favorite part of sex, really, the closeness afterward. He felt too feminine saying it aloud, but he enjoyed the contented, thoroughly-fucked feeling, and the warmth of another (also thoroughly-fucked) person beside him. He knew they’d eventually want to clean up a bit before actually going to sleep, and they’d probably put some clothes on as well, but for now it was just him and the amazingly beautiful Allison Cameron, naked and warm and sated.